Dimagi West Africa

Ayla Reith

Senior Project Analyst

About Ayla Reith

Ayla is passionate about both human equity and diversity.  She loves traveling to experience different cultures through making friends, visiting homes, and listening to stories.  Likewise, she loves to see, hear, smell, and sometimes taste the innumerable species of flora and fauna that we share the world with.  She comes to Dimagi with a background in research, development, energy technologies, and conservation, and she will never turn down an opportunity to give a Powerpoint Presentation.

While serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Ayla lived in a small rural village and worked on projects in conservation, tourism, and financial management.  She also worked at the Technological University of Panama as a researcher, teacher, and translator.  By working for her family’s consulting company, Ayla gained experience in business development, creating economic models, and assisting in data analysis for small and medium scale renewable energy projects.

Before joining Dimagi, Ayla worked for 6 months as a research intern at a Paris-based renewable energy research association where she assisted in the compilation of The Renewables 2015 Global Status report.  Ayla has a BS in Zoology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MS International Development from Tulane University.