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High-Impact Growth

The High-Impact Growth Podcast is for social entrepreneurs, global development funders, nonprofit leaders and anyone grappling with the challenges of how to build digital solutions that are both immensely impactful and also achieve high-growth.

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Join Dimagi CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Jackson, along with co-host Amie Vaccaro as we unpack learnings from 20 years building digital solutions for global health and development, explore barriers to and opportunities for high-impact growth, and speak with industry leaders from around the world.


Top Picks

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#49: Introducing Impact Delivery: Raising the Bar for Digital in Global Health Development

Explore Impact Delivery, a new approach leveraging technology to address global health and development challenges and ensure universal access to essential services for all. 

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#36: Shifting from a Project Mindset to an Investment Mindset with Raj Kumar of Devex

To address evolving global development challenges and competition, development professionals must embrace a collaborative, results-driven investment mindset to navigate changing economic circumstances and humanitarian needs.

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#10: Solving Hard Problems, Designing Under the Mango Tree, and Taking a Product Approach

In a special discussion about creating CommCare, a low-code application builder for impactful frontline work, listeners learn about the 14-year journey to develop a platform used by 1 million people in 130 countries.

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Meet The Hosts

Amie Vaccaro

Senior Director, Global Marketing, Dimagi

Amie leads the team responsible for defining Dimagi’s brand strategy and driving awareness and demand for its offerings. She is passionate about bringing together creativity, empathy and technology to help people thrive. Amie joins Dimagi with over 15 years of experience including 10 years in B2B technology product marketing bringing innovative, impactful products to market.

Jonathan Jackson

Co-Founder & CEO, Dimagi

Jonathan Jackson is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dimagi. As the CEO of Dimagi, Jonathan oversees a team of global employees who are supporting digital solutions in the vast majority of countries with globally-recognized partners. He has led Dimagi to become a leading, scaling social enterprise and creator of the world’s most widely used and powerful data collection platform, CommCare.



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