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US Health Digital Solutions for Public Health | Dimagi


Digital Solutions for Improving Health Outcomes

Dimagi is a global social enterprise enabling impactful frontline work through US health digital solutions and expert services.

Proven, Scalable, US Health Digital Solutions for Better Health Outcomes

Dimagi’s US Health Digital Solutions improve health outcomes with CommCare, the leading global digital platform for health workforces. We collaborate with US public health organizations to co-create productivity-enhancing digital solutions. For instance, we define optimal workflows that integrate into existing data ecosystems. Consequently, Organizations can track clients through several services, report on programmatic activity, and make data-driven decisions.

CommCare is a flexible, modular platform. This means custom solutions can be developed using its user-friendly, no-code app builder, allowing for rapid development. As a result, apps can be created and deployed in days or weeks, rather than months. Additionally, integrating new data elements or workflows into existing solutions is seamless, avoiding major system overhauls, user experience issues, or data gaps. Most importantly, users are empowered to deliver better-coordinated care for improved health outcomes, and adapt to future challenges.


Designing A Seamless US Health Digital Solutions Experience

Amplify public health programs with customizable apps for case management and service delivery

Deliver better quality client care and service

  • Collect, access, and share client data instantly
  • Directly collaborate and coordinate care using a single solution with tailored role-based experiences
  • Customize forms, build reusable content, and access pre-build content for quicker acceleration

Automate messaging to clients using SMS and email

  • Easily send care instructions and alerts based on client preference
  • Collect asynchronous updates, returning the data directly to a client’s case
  • Conveniently trigger appropriate workflows

Eliminate data silos for better visibility

  • Integrate CommCare into existing ecosystem with ease
  • Facilitate real-time data exchange using flexible APIs
  • Connect data systems and sources efficiently

Keep client data safe and secure

  • Securely manage sensitive health information
  • HIPAA- and GDPR- compliant, open-source platform backed by ISO 27001 environment
  • SOC-2 Type II compliant, NIST 800 53 aligned

See CommCare in Action

Watch as our team takes you through the design of a basic app in CommCare

Supporting A Range of Critical Public Health Use Cases With A Flexible Digital Platform

Behavioral health

Improve health outcomes by connecting clients in need with available and appropriate behavioral and mental health treatment using a tailored electronic referral process, real-time searchable bed registry, and centralized registry of medication-assisted treatment

Infectious Disease

Support a multitude of infectious disease (e.g. TB, HIV, E.Coli) case investigation, management, and contact tracing, while also tracking the lifecycle of individual clients from diagnosis, initiation of treatment, adherence monitoring, and end of treatment

Research & Innovation

Our Research and Data (RAD) team aims to advance the field of digital development through rigorous investigation of how current and emerging technologies are used and how they can be improved to better serve the masses

Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOT/VOT)

SureAdhere by Dimagi is an evidenced-based, cost-effective digital engagement platform that enables remote medication adherence and treatment support for clients through secure offline-capable asynchronous video and chat

Trusted by Partners across the Country

Over 20 years ago, we started our journey to provide meaningful technology solutions in India and across Africa to digitize burdensome, paper- based workflows for frontline workers. Today, we have mobilized CommCare and SureAdhere for a multitude of programs and use cases in over 3,000 projects globally and across 21 states and territories in the US.

Hear From Our Partners

“The powerful combination of Dimagi’s public health expertise, coupled with cloud-based technology, has allowed us to regularly improve our application based on feedback from public health officials with speed and agility as our need evolves.”



“We selected CommCare for its configurability [and] its ease of scale and maintenance. What clinched it for us, however, was Dimagi’s candor during the selection process…[which] engendered our trust that Dimagi would be with us every step of the way. In sum, we needed a reliable partner willing to work with us, and we got precisely that.”



‘Dimagi has always provided us with personalized service and is ready to work with us as we rapidly update the CommCare application to accomodate our needs. No other IT solutions vendor we have worked with has been so involved and timely. We greatly value that level of customer service.”


Dimagi is More Than Just A Technology Vendor.

Our US health digital solutions team includes physicians, software engineers, and health information system architects with unrivaled experience. For instance, we practice full transparency when it comes to the design, implementation, maintenance, and enhancements of programs. This is important to us, because it supports our mission to build and scale sustainable, high-impact digital solutions. Most importantly, we believe that exponential success is achievable through collaborative, long-term partnerships.

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