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The Research & Data Team

The Research and Data (RAD) team conducts research on digital solutions intended to improve the health and quality of life of individuals living in low-resource, underserved communities. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, we build and evaluate digital tools and data analytics to inform our understanding of how digital tools are used and/or generate useful insights for improving healthcare programs.

Our research aims to advance the field of digital development through rigorous investigation of how current and emerging technologies are used and how they can be improved. Progress in digital development depends not only on validating digital technologies, but on the generation of programmatic insights that can go towards the improvement of digital solutions.

Selected Publications

RAD collaborates closely with subject matter experts across a variety of public health domains – including more than a dozen universities – to study the use and impact of digital technology on health outcomes. Through these collaborations, RAD seeks to share learnings and research studies with the broader global health, ICT4D, and informatics communities.

A Mobile App to Improve Symptom Control and Information Exchange Among Specialists and Local Health Workers Treating Tanzanian Cancer Patients: Human-Centered Design Approach


Morse RS, Lambden K, Quinn E, Ngoma T, Mushi B, Ho YX, Ngoma M, Mahuna H, Sagan SB, Mmari J, Miesfeldt S

A Mobile Health Tool for Peer Support of Individuals Reentering Communities After Incarceration


Fuller, JM, Ho, YX, Morse, R, Fix, G, Cutrona, SL, Gaziano, T, … McInnes, DK.

Effect of Performance Feedback on Community Health Workers’ Motivation and Performance in Madhya Pradesh, India: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Kaphle S, Matheke-Fischer M, Lesh N

Closing the Feedback Loop : A 12-month Evaluation of ASTA, a Self-Tracking Application for ASHAs


DeRenzi B, Wacksman J, Dell N, Lee S, Lesh N, Borriello G, and Ellner A

Improving community health worker performance through automated SMS


DeRenzi B, Findlater L, Payne J, Birnbaum B, Mangilima J, Parikh T, Borriello G, and Lesh N.

Automated quality control for mobile data collection.


Birnbaum B, DeRenzi B, Flaxman AD, and Lesh N.

Mobile phone tools for field-based health care workers in low-income countries


DeRenzi B, Borriello G, Jackson J, Kumar VS, Parikh TS, Virk P, Lesh N.

E-imci: improving pediatric health care in low-income countries


DeRenzi B, Lesh N, Parikh T, Sims C, Maokla W, Chemba M, Hamisi Y, Schellenberg D, Mitchell M, and Borriello G

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