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CommCare Evidence Base Overview

The CommCare Evidence Base demonstrates that more studies have evaluated the impact of CommCare than any other mobile platform for frontline workers.

Learn more about CommCare’s proven impact on frontline programs

In this toolkit you’ll find

Key learnings from the studies included in the CommCare Evidence Base

Analysis of how CommCare and mobile tools in general can impact frontline programs

An RCT in South Africa found that FLWs using CommCare for cardiovascular disease screenings took 75% less time.

In a study with Pathfinder International, the use of CommCare helped increase the provision of HIV tests from 67.5% to 82.2%.

After incorprating performance feedback, FLWs in one study made 24% more visits than control group over a 12-month period.

The CommCare Evidence Base includes dozens of studies that explore CommCare’s impact on frontline programs

See CommCare in Action

Watch as our team takes you through the design of a basic app in CommCare

The Latest on Mobile Data Collection Programs

Updates and advice from our world-class partners and Global Services team

Abt Associates - Vector Link: Malaria Initiative Africa Indoor Residual Spraying program

Providing an innovative mHealth solution with CommCare for sustainable intervention of malaria reduction.

USAID Cambodia Integrated Early Childhood Development Activity

Supporting vulnerable newborns and young children to reach their developmental potential through nurturing care and intensive interventions during the first 1,000 days.

Enabling Supportive Supervision to Improve Health Outcomes in Malawi

Enabling supervision of health facilities and programs through the digital integrated supportive supervision (ISS) tool developed by Dimagi.

Learn how CommCare helps programs around the world

More than 2000 projects across 80 countries rely on CommCare for their mobile data collection and reporting needs


“We are ready to design applications that are everything from simple and straightforward to those with challenging and unique designs and use cases.”

- Ted Barlow, President

Sehgal Foundation

“CommCare gave us the ability to control the experience of our fieldbased data collectors, which drastically reduced human error.”

- Bhawna Mangla, Senior Research Associate

Let There Be Light International

“Thank you for helping us to gather data, refine programming, and spread the message about our impact in fighting global climate change and extreme poverty.”

- Sarah Baird, Executive Director



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