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Announcing our 5 Year Strategy for High-Impact Growth - Dimagi

I am thrilled to share Dimagi’s five-year strategy for 2022 – 2026. The timing is especially exciting as we enter our 20th year as an organization, and look to the next 20. 

This strategy has been a work of love, collaboration, and excitement. As we go into our 20th year, we believe that we are in the best position that we have ever been in, to achieve what we call ‘High-Impact Growth’ at Dimagi, which is how we work to achieve our mission of building and scaling sustainable, high-impact digital solutions that amplify Frontline Workers and Programs. 

While Dimagi shares many similar views with other social impact organizations, we believe that our dual commitment to build high-impact solutions and scale and sustain these solutions via paths to growth is what differentiates us. This is what we mean by ‘High-Impact Growth’.

We  often refer to four questions in our High-Impact Growth Framework to make sure our decisions are aligned with our mission – whether to take on a new project, develop a new product, or even a new company. We also refer to it when deciding on when to pivot – be it in supporting COVID-19 response or walking away from half of our revenue.

With that, I am thrilled to present Dimagi’s three strategic priorities over the next five years (2022 – 2026) to achieve High-Impact Growth.

Strategic Priority #1: Improve Jobs to Improve Outcome

To get to quality and equitable services for all, we need further professionalization of Frontline Worker roles and integration into our greater systems, and the ability to have career growth. Over the next five years, Dimagi will expand upon our historical strength by deepening our commitment to Frontline Workers, and by actively contributing to the improvement of their jobs. We will organize our work around the assumption that our vision (“to create a world where all people receive the services they need to thrive”) will not be realized until Frontline Workers’ jobs are improved, and we specifically support and enable them to be paid more. 

Strategic Priority #2: Sustain Exponential Growth

Our vision is to create a world where all people receive the services they need to thrive. To do this, we must create a roadmap that allows service delivery to scale in a more effective, accessible manner. Over the next five years, we will sustain exponential growth by working to 5x our impact, and with this reach 500,000 users. Sustaining our historical exponential growth will not be without challenge, as we look to grow while maintaining our commitment to impact, remaining smart with our resources, and expanding our ecosystem.

Strategic Priority #3: Exceed Market Expectations

In order to achieve our first two strategic priorities, we need to exceed market expectations by fully satisfying our partners’ priorities, while delivering additional value on areas we think are essential. Over the next five years, we will seek to exceed our market’s expectations by creatively over-delivering on value today, while shaping market alignment and raising expectations for tomorrow. We will achieve ‘High-Impact Growth’ by fully meeting our partner priorities, in addition to our own, while playing our own small part in advocating for changes to our markets. 

To execute our five-year strategy, each of our divisions, and Dimagi as a whole, have developed associated annual strategies with clearly defined intentions, goals, action plans, and KPIs.

While it’s been fun to roll out our strategy internally as a company, I’m thrilled to share it with the world. Please feel free to read the full five-year strategy here. As we set out on this journey, I look forward to sharing what we are learning with you in writing, and in our upcoming podcasts as we work to achieve our strategies in support of our mission and vision: “a world where all people receive the services they need to thrive.”

(And finally, if you liked what you read, we may be a great place to consider for your next role (shameless plug). If you’d like to join us on this journey, come work at Dimagi!)



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