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CommCare Open Source

CommCare is a leading open source mobile data collection platform that is supported by a global community of contributors.

About CommCare

CommCare enables customers to build complex mobile data collection applications as a job aid tool for frontline workers.

Originally developed in 2007, today over half a million people in 80 countries regularly use CommCare apps.

CommCare is an ecosystem of components, fronted by CommCareHQ (Web) and CommCare Mobile.

CommCare Web is sourced under the open source BSD license while CommCare Mobile is sourced under the Apache License.


All of our open source code is freely accessible on Github

CommCare’s two main components are CommCareHQ (Web) and CommCare Mobile

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More than 2000 projects across 80 countries trust CommCare for mobile data collection and reporting needs

User Forum

The go-to forum for CommCare’s thousands of users to share information.

Developer Forum

Are you a developer? Check out developer-specific topics.

Documentation Wiki

Useful CommCare documentation, organized by various topics.