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CommCare | Digital Platform for Frontline Work | Dimagi

CommCare is the leading social impact data collection software and digital health solutions provider

We empower organizations to transform their data collection processes, driving meaningful change and impact in the world

CommCare UI

CommCare for Monitoring & Evaluation

Enhance Your Last-Mile Data Collection and Reporting

Optimize your last-mile data collection and reporting for efficient program monitoring with reliable data. Develop robust data collection apps to facilitate frontline teams in capturing precise data for effective program monitoring and evaluation, ensuring your program team stays on track and donors are kept informed. test

Collect the cleanest program data possible

CommCare’s longitudinal data collection and highly-customizable form logic eradicate dirty data by enabling field staff to register beneficiaries and collect relevant data over time.

Rapidly deploy app changes

Easily create and modify mobile apps with CommCare’s no-code app builder, quickly test your changes with in-browser previews, and deploy them to your field staff with the click of a button.

Capture report-ready data

Automatically transform data elements based on data captured by your frontline staff capture. No more complex and time-consuming data preparation.

Trusted by Monitoring and Evaluation Teams Globally

CRS using CommCare on mobile phone in low resource setting.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

“CRS and partners globally use CommCare to design MEAL data collection tools, providing flexibility for one-off surveys or long-term project monitoring. The user-friendly interface benefits non-technical staff and enumerators, improving data collection activities even in areas with limited connectivity. CRS aims to expand CommCare usage through template applications and knowledge-sharing communities.”


Taralyn Lyon

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Advisor


Global Communities

“CommCare is more than just a mobile data collection tool and has not only transformed the way we think about but also the way we use data. CommCare’s low code platform has empowered our teams to build complex workflows to support project specific needs and their integration with Power BI and Tableau has elevated and democratized our data collection.”


Tony Tseng

Associate Technical Advisor, MERL Technology

Mercy Corps using CommCare for their Social Impact Programs

Mercy Corps

“In many of our complex development programs, we have hundreds of frontline workers who interact with hundreds of thousands of participants. It is not uncommon to track hundreds of indicators across dozens of tools. CommCare’s case management, case sharing, data exports and mobile user management features help to get the data collection and management job done for M&E, while also enabling feedback loops and a user-friendly application environment for frontline workers.”

Arno Bratz

DFSA Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Director, Uganda

CommCare for ICT4D Teams

Equip Your Program and M&E Teams for Success at Scale

Empower your Program and M&E teams with custom-built CommCare applications and robust data tools that align perfectly with their needs. Utilize field-tested tools for seamless data collection and efficient service delivery at scale.

Go beyond surveys

Empower your field staff with field-tested workflows that work offline and at scale. Our offline Case Management capabilities enable field staff to share a case load, powerful referral workflows, attendance tracking and more.

Lower your cost with no-code app building

There’s no need for engineering or IT support when you use CommCare. Our no-code app-building platform means a lower and sustainable total cost of ownership for the duration of your program.

Enforce enterprise-grade security

With CommCare, your data is always encrypted and stored in a HIPAA-, GDPR-, and SOC 2 -compliant environment. Tighten security further with roles-based data access, data de-identification, two-factor authentication, and more.

Trusted by ICT4D and Digital Health Teams Globally

Sight Savers

“Sightsavers is a global organization working in more than 30 countries. In 2018, we started using CommCare as a means to standardize our approach to data collection. It has since helped us to streamline user training, establish more consistent methodologies, and ensure we have the right data security protocols in place. As our organization continues to grow the structures we’ve put in place using CommCare will only become more essential”


Sarah Barlett & Andy Tate

Digital Data Working Group Co-Chairs


CRS using CommCare on mobile phone in low resource setting.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

“CommCare is tailored to the international development sector. This is critical for CRS: The evidence base for global health is huge—that’s very unique among tech vendors, even in this sector—and CommCare’s data workflows align well with how our M&E teams look at data.”

Steven Hellen

Director of ICT4D


“As an organization that puts heavy emphasis on results, strong data collection and data management tools are important for our diverse portfolio of projects across the globe. CommCare has many features that we consider integral to the integrity of our impact data. We have implemented CommCare in numerous projects around the world resulting in the ability to collect critical monitoring and evaluation data in a timely and efficient manner. CommCare data has become foundational to our quest to maximize our effectiveness and impact.”

Jim McKinney

Senior Director of Global IT

CommCare for Universities & Research Teams

Increase the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of your field-based work

Empower your frontline teams to capture reliable data and create impactful interventions with powerful mobile apps. Utilize field-tested tools for seamless data collection and efficient service delivery at scale, ensuring maximum efficiency in your operations. Work with data you can trust and make informed decisions for your organization.

Collect the cleanest program data possible

Stop data-entry errors before they occur with fully customizable forms, intelligent validation conditions and skip logic. Empower your frontline team to only collect accurate, relevant data with highly-optimized context sensitivity workflows.

Enforce your study design without making compromises

Leverage the flexibility of CommCare to design and enforce research protocols unique to your study. CommCare is proven to be effective across study designs, ranging from Intervention Research, RCTs, Cross-sectional studies and more.

Comply with strict regulatory and security standards

Make your IT Security team happy. With CommCare, your data is always encrypted and stored in a HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant environment. Tighten security further with roles-based data access, data de-identification, two-factor authentication, and more. CommCare is also 21 CFR Part 11-ready.

Trusted by University and Research Teams Globally

Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Experimental Research on Digital Rools for Community Health Workers with Mobile Technology in Rural Guatemala

“CommCare has streamlined our ability to collect, review, and analyze data across various projects, including child nutrition surveillance and type 2 diabetes management. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to train our team of comunity health workers and the ability to incorporate decision-support protocols and branching logic within CommCare has allosed them to provide services with remote physician supervision tpically reserved for more highly trained personnel.

Alejandro Chavez

Data Analyst and Consultant for Mobile Technology


Yale University School of Public Health

Implementation Research on TB Contact Investigation on Uganda

“CommCare has helped ease our data collection and improve our communication with frontline health workers. CommCare is easy for our community health workers to use and works well for implementation science research by providing a real-world data tool. CommCare has helped us provide better feedback on health workers performance and improve our data quality.”




Amanda Gupta

Research Associate


UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

A Large-Scale HIV Behavioral Intervention Trial for Youth at Risk of HIV in the USA

“We recently used CommCare for elecronic data collection and monitoring in a large multi-site longitudinal study to evaluate the i pact of HIV interventions in two US cities. Studies of this magnitude and complexity are always accompanied by challenges. Thanks to thoughtful input from the Dimagi team on the front end and the robustness and flexibility of the CommCare system, the development of data collection protocols to meet our needs and data collection were not part of those chalenges.”

W. Scott Comulada, DRPH


Explore CommCare’s Powerful Features

CommCare is designed to address the unique needs of various sectors, including monitoring and evaluation, ICT4D, and research. Our robust features enable you to effortlessly collect, manage, and analyze data, providing valuable insights to drive decision-making.

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

With our extensive integrations, CommCare seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and tools, ensuring a smooth transition and workflow efficiency.

Data Integration Ecosystem

Excel Dashboards and Workbooks

Link your CommCare data with Excel dashboards and refresh it automatically on a custom schedule

Third-party integration platforms

Sync your CommCare data with hundreds of other applications via 3rd party integration tools OpenFn and Zapier

Tableau and Power BI

Maintain a seamless data connection between CommCare and both Tableau and PowerBI via our 1-click Odata integration.

Programmatic data export

Automatically export data from CommCare to your in-house SQL database or Excel workbooks using CommCare’s Data Export Tool.

DHIS2 and OpenMRS

Build integrations between CommCare and data management tools like DHIS2 and OpenMRS using our MOTECH platform.


In CommCare, you can receive and output data in HL7 FHIR V4 format, and build applications to exchange data via OpenHIM or other FHIR-compatible data receivers and producers.

APIs and webhooks

Leverage CommCare’s APIs and webhooks to interact directly and programmatically with your CommCare HQ data and content.

Optimize Case Management with CommCare

Efficient case management is crucial for organizations working in development and healthcare. Our comprehensive case management solutions enable you to streamline processes, improve client care, and maximize resource utilization.

Backed by CommCare Evidence Base

Make data-driven decisions with confidence, supported by the extensive CommCare evidence base. Our toolkits and resources provide valuable insights and best practices for optimizing data collection and delivery.

The CommCare Evidence Base includes dozens of studies that explore CommCare’s impact on frontline programs. This resource lives as an online, up-to-date repository, with new studies being shared and published frequently. Dimagi maintains the CommCare Evidence Base and adds new studies as they are discovered.

In addition to maintaining the CommCare Evidence Base, Dimagi has also published The CommCare Evidence Base Overview. This resource sheds light on our key learnings from the studies included in the CommCare Evidence Base. To read our analysis of how CommCare and mobile tools in general can impact frontline programs at the last mile, please download the CommCare Evidence Base Overview.

For questions, please get in touch with us.

CommCare for Enterprise

Dimagi is inspired to work alongside its 16 CommCare Enterprise Partners towards achieving the vision of a world where all people have access to essential services they need to thrive.

More than 2000 projects across 80 countries rely on CommCare for their mobile data collection and reporting needs


“We are ready to design applications that are everything from simple and straightforward to those with challenging and unique designs and use cases.”

- Ted Barlow, President

Sehgal Foundation

“CommCare gave us the ability to control the experience of our fieldbased data collectors, which drastically reduced human error.”

- Bhawna Mangla, Senior Research Associate

Let There Be Light International

“Thank you for helping us to gather data, refine programming, and spread the message about our impact in fighting global climate change and extreme poverty.”

- Sarah Baird, Executive Director

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Countries have CommCare users


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