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SureAdhere | Virtual Care Platform | Powered by Dimagi


SureAdhere: Your Partner for Impact

Enabling Remote Treatment Support Through Person-Centered Virtual Care

SureAdhere by Dimagi is a comprehensive virtual care platform designed to enable remote treatment support through digital engagement tools

SureAdhere combines recorded and live video direct observed therapy (VDOT) with real-time engagement to better support medication adherence for patients undergoing complex treatment regimens. Optional integration with IoT devices (i.e., smart pillboxes, wearables, etc.) and external EMR/EHR systems empowers providers to customize treatment plans to individual patient needs and improve treatment outcomes through patient-centered care.


Treatment Completion

Reported for Tuberculosis Treatment outcomes in the 2016 New York City Study


Patient Engagement

In a Medication Assisted Treatment program after 1 year in the Vermont Wheels & Waves Study


Years of Academic Evaluation

Platform evaluated over 12+ years of academic and clinical research


Countries Globally

SureAdhere available in 18 countries across the world

SureAdhere by Dimagi works with over 350 healthcare & clinical programs across the world. Our global support team provides comprehensive service level agreements based on local time zones and is US HIPAA and European GDPR compliant.


SureAdhere for healthcare – and beyond

SureAdhere by Dimagi has been specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of both public and behavioral health programs that serve the underserved population. SureAdhere also addresses the requirements of pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract research organizations involved in engaging participants in clinical trial settings.

Public Health

SureAdhere has been clinically validated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide equivalent treatment outcomes to in-person directly observed therapy (DOT), without the burden or expenses.

Behavioral Health

SureAdhere addresses challenges for patients seeking opioid use disorder treatment through virtual Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) offering flexibility, convenience, and continuous feedback with a MAT provider when required.

Clinical Trials

SureAdhere supports clinical trial sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and trial sites to improve participant protocol compliance quickly identify and engage participants who need support, and prevent loss to follow-up.

Discover the SureAdhere Platform

Patient Centered

SureAdhere’s patient support approach goes beyond conventional telemedicine. Our technology empowers healthcare providers to address individual patient needs and tailor treatment accordingly.

Evidenced Based

Designed by and for healthcare providers – SureAdhere has been evaluated over a decade of rigorous academic and public health research. Data from these studies contributed to TB treatment guidelines published by the US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Access the full evidence base here.

Cross-Sector Impact

Providers across the public health, behavioral health, and clinical research spectrum can create a customized treatment experience within SureAdhere and address important nuances in each care delivery approach.