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Dr. Neal Lesh - Dimagi

Dr. Neal Lesh is both Dimagi’s Chief Strategy Officer as well as Dimagi’s Co-President as a voting member of Dimagi’s Executive Committee. As CSO, Neal supports a range of innovations and areas of exploration at Dimagi, including data science and the use of artificial intelligence, research into digital solutions, and expansion into new areas such as how digital solutions can help scale up access to mental health care in lower- and middle- income countries. He has helped several health programs in East and Southern Africa adopt data systems, and worked with many of the open source digital development organizations that lead the field currently. As Co-President of Dimagi, Neal oversees the company’s corporate governance and corporate initiatives. This includes capital strategy and financial sustainability across all of Dimagi’s global divisions as well as acquisitions and company-wide change management.

Prior to shifting careers into global development, Neal published and lectured extensively in data visualization, data mining, and automated planning and logistics. Neal holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington and a Masters degree in Global Health from the Harvard School of Public Health.



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