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10+ years of experience in implementing digital solutions

Everything you need to know to improve the speed and accuracy of your data collection

Leveraging more than a decade of hands-on experience, Dimagi offers practical resources to assist you in effectively implementing your digital solutions. Download our toolkits to get the support you need for the planning and execution of your social impact programs. 

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Total Cost of Ownership Model

Use the Total Cost of Ownership Model to budget for your mobile solution.

The CommCare Evidence Base Overview

More studies have assessed CommCare’s impact than any other mobile platform for frontline workers.

Managing Data in CommCare

A starter guide to inspecting, cleaning and exporting data in CommCare.

Managing Devices at Scale

Key learnings from managing thousands of devices in a large-scale mobile health project.

Data Collection Guide

Use this introductory guide to data collection to organize your data collection plan.

Mobile Data Collection Guide

Learn how to set up a mobile data collection program.

CommCare + DHIS2 Digital Health Systems

Learn how CommCare and DHIS2 integrate to createsustainable data pipelines.

Digital Workflow Template

This guide presents examples and templates to create digital workflow documentation.

Guide to Data-Drive Program Improvements

Explore the process of evaluating data practices to spot areas of improvement for your application and program.

Guide to Community Health Workers

Learn more about Community Health Workers through our comprehensive guide.

Learn how CommCare can amplify your program

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Build secure, customizable apps, enabling your frontline teams to collect actionable data and amplify your organization’s impact.


Advisory and support for successful program deployments, from feature development to mobile application design, rollout and end-user training.


A comprehensive virtual care platform designed to enable remote treatment support through digital engagement tools.