Maternal & Child Healthcare

Mobile data collection has been proven to aid the maternal and child health sector. Research has shown it to increase antenatal care by 41% and improve facility delivery rates by over 100%. Programs featuring mobile data collection have also seen family members participate more in antenatal care, with husbands engaging 60% and mothers-in-law 110% more often than in paper-based programs.

Organizations are using mobile data collection platforms to digitize the partograph and IMCI to allow programs to keep track of pregnancies and clinic visits, diagnose any issues from data collected, and offer advice to mothers and their families on what to expect faster and more accurately than ever before.

More projects on CommCare are focused on maternal and child health than any other sector. In fact, our platform registers one in every 110 pregnancies worldwide.

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Benefits of Mobile Data Collection
in Maternal & Child Healthcare

Case sharing enables users to send medical information directly to referral facilities and improve lines of communication between field and clinical work.

Mobile apps can support online and offline data collection, facilitate record keeping, and generate easily shareable reports for community health workers.

Digital forms improve protocol adherence for community health workers and help to identify symptoms in mothers and children requiring emergency care.

Training manuals and behavior change communication materials are integrated within the app, ensuring easy access to accurate information.

Mobile applications eliminate the need for paper medical records by storing medical information for each woman and child registered through the app.

Multimedia allows pregnant women and mothers to listen to messages in their own language or view culturally relevant visuals alongside their community health workers.

Featured CommCare-Based Maternal &
Child Healthcare Programs


Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in UP counsel and evaluate women and newborns for danger signs before and after birth.

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USAID - mHMtaani

Community health workers monitor and track the health of pregnant mothers, orphans, and vulnerable children in Kenya.

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Pathfinder - mSante mHealth

The Haitian Ministry has trained more than 300 community health workers to treat and refer women and newborns to health facilities

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The Latest on Mobile Data Collection
in Maternal & Child Health Programs

Updates and advice from our world-class partners and Global Services team

How FIGO Used Mobile Data Collection to Improve Maternal Healthcare

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics are improving healthcare for over 214 million women looking to avoid pregnancy.

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Midline Research Reveals Promising Results for Partograph Labour App

Seven months into the mLabour app in Tanzania and results are promising. 93% of eligible pregnancies were tracked and patient satisfaction is very positive.

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Using Mobile Solutions to Improve Intrapartum Care in Tanzania

A group of private healthcare groups in Tanzania digitized the partograph to provide real-time decision support to health workers in 3 health facilities across the country.

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More than 2000 projects across 80 countries rely on CommCare for their mobile data collection and reporting needs.

“We are ready to design applications that are everything from simple and straightforward to those with challenging and unique designs and use cases.”
- Ted Barlow, President

“CommCare gave us the ability to control the experience of our fieldbased data collectors, which drastically reduced human error.”
- Bhawna Mangla, Senior Research Associate

“Thank you for helping us to gather data, refine programming, and spread the message about our impact in fighting global climate change and extreme poverty.”
- Sarah Baird, Executive Director