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CommCare Enterprise Software for iNGOs

Introduce your entire organization to a sustainable digital solution for last-mile mobile data collection and service delivery

Our CommCare Enterprise offering allows INGOs to unlock all of CommCare’s features across every country office.

You’re familiar with what CommCare can do for your data collection and service delivery needs. With CommCare Enterprise, you’ll move beyond project-level administration and create an organisation-wide success story.

INGOs face many challenges that can threaten their impact

Unreliable funding

Many organizations struggle with locking down sustainable revenue sources to fund their programming.

Find a tool that can capture the data you need to make your case for long-term support and give your stakeholders peace of mind.

Ineffective frontline tools

Organizations offering last-mile support often suffer from inefficient service delivery and data collection in low-resource settings.

Arm your frontline workers with digital tools that were built for iNGO use-cases and have a proven track record of success at any scale.

Security concerns

Security, regulation, and compliance are fundamental concerns when handling personal data.

Trust CommCare’s compliance with the highest standards of data security and regulatory standards.

Uninformed HQ-driven strategy

Comprehensive strategic planning is critical to fundraising, operations, and mission successes.

Gain enterprise data management at the HQ level that informs effective strategic planning across all your organization’s initiatives.

Isolation from peer INGOs

INGOs can often feel functionally isolated within their sector, forced to overcome all their obstacles on their own.

Connect with fellow INGOs to share, learn, and celebrate together through CommCare’s growing community.

Limited technical capacity

Technical expertise has become an absolute necessity in the modern INGO but often falls short.

Enjoy regular access to our product and support teams to increase your own capacity for uninterrupted technical proficiency.

Want to discuss the unique needs of your organization?

CommCare Enterprise can help

Go Beyond Project-Level Thinking

A central dashboard allows HQ staff to monitor overall analytics and usage of all their project spaces, while integrations with third-party products like PowerBI, Tableau, and DHIS2 unlock powerful reporting possibilities.

Access All Features for All Country Offices

CommCare’s complete feature set allows you to develop sustainable organizational capacity and streamlines the management of your project spaces across different countries. Know that any app you build can be used by any team, anywhere.

Reduce Costs and Simplify Billing

No matter how decentralized your INGO is, we’ll partner with you to reduce administration and capture more value for your country offices. Steady your organization’s monthly costs with a bespoke plan at preferential pricing.

Collaborate With Us to Develop New Features

CommCare adds new features all the time, and our Enterprise partners get them first. Play a vital role in the future of CommCare by partnering with us in product discovery, user testing, and early access programs.

Enjoy Dedicated Customer Care

Organisational success requires expertise on demand. Our technical experts, key account managers, and customer success representatives will help you optimise your cost-center administration, project rollouts, data management, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Join a Growing Community of Experts

It’s hard out there on your own. Through our Community of Practice (COP) and regular webinars, we make it easy to build connections with other CommCare partners, share best practices, and celebrate your wins.

Join a Growing Network

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is an international aid organization of more than 5,000 employees leading relief programs that supported 159 million people in 114 countries in 2019.

More than 300 of these programs use CommCare for frontline service delivery support and community-level data capture for monitoring and evaluation.

Learn how they did it.


How do the features on the Enterprise offering compare to the other plans?


Every project space included in our Enterprise subscription includes all of our features. Additionally, the feature-set of our Enterprise offering is aligned towards creating organizational value, which includes capabilities like the Enterprise Console, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Enterprise Release Management (ERM).


Learn more about these Enterprise features here.

How can I create a centralized data collection platform when my organization works on unpredictable grant funding?


Lots of INGOs are funded this way—including many of our existing Enterprise customers! If it’s not possible for you to centrally fund your software, you can consider back-billing the subscription fees to individual country offices or projects. In this model, each individual project still ends up paying a smaller monthly fee for more features, given the economies of scale that an organization can achieve with an Enterprise subscription.

We do not have a central ICT4D team, how can we roll out a centralized system across our projects/country offices?


You don’t need a formal, centralized ICT4D team in order to have an Enterprise contract! We only need one person to serve as a point of contact for the subscription for issues related to billing, granting licenses to projects, etc. Otherwise, we are happy to work with a group of regional leaders on our quarterly Customer Success calls, which we have found is a great way to help foster cross-team and cross-country collaboration.

We are not a large team compared to organizations like CRS. Is an Enterprise subscription still an option for me?


Absolutely! The Enterprise offering is meant for any customer who wants to institutionalize the use of a mobile tool in a cost-effective, sustainable way. Even if you have as few as five projects that would need their own project space, this solution can work for you. In fact, smaller organizations may find it easier to institutionalize the use of CommCare, since there are fewer staff members globally to train.

What sort of assistance will I receive from the Customer Success team?


Your Customer Success representative is here to help your organization make the most of CommCare. On quarterly calls, we’ll discuss the status of key projects, address any pain points, and identify how Dimagi can best assist you moving forward. Special sessions on particular features, advice on application design and application building, or guidance on training best practices and rollout are all more technical aspects that we are happy to help with. Our Customer Success team is filled with our Dimagi’s most advanced application builders and implementers, and we are committed to your organization’s success!

Tell us about your programs, your data, and your organization, and we’ll tell you how an Enterprise subscription of CommCare could help you.



CommCare is the leading software platform for field data capture. Build apps with guided decision support to improve programmatic outcomes.

Evidence Base

More studies have assessed CommCare’s impact than any other mobile platform for frontline workers.


More studies have assessed CommCare’s impact than any other mobile platform for frontline workers.