Dimagi Americas

Melody Miles

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

About Melody Miles

Mel Miles is a global health expert with over a decade of experience in architecting strategies and partnerships at the global level. She spent the first decade of her career in donor institutions, including a long tenure at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with Centers for Disease Control and US President’s Malaria Initiative. As the Senior Director of Partnerships, Mel serves as a key thought-leader for Dimagi and manages Dimagi‚Äôs relationships with global multilateral/bilateral agencies and large foundations. Mel shows up every day with a commitment to solve the most important problem, spread impactful ideas, and advance the global agenda for digital health and frontline workers. She uses her strategy experience to think through how to bring technology to national scale and adoption (and is always up to chat via mmiles@dimagi.com).  Mel is also a certified coach, author, and advocate for eliminating burnout culture in the workplace. In her free time, she enjoys mediation, the beaches of Portugal, and hosting her podcast: Soulcation with Mel Miles.