Dimagi Americas

Anna Dixon

Applied Research Scientist

About Anna Dixon

Anna Dixon is a Applied Research Scientist at Dimagi where she brings together software engineering, machine learning and statistics to turn data into actionable insights and practices. She brings more than a decade of experience in research, data science and engineering across projects ranging from applying machine learning to better link patient medical records between community and facility health information systems, building automated form processing tools using computer vision and OCR, routing optimization software for better sanitation services in Haiti and data pipelines for monitoring cross-species epidemic risk factors. In the more distant past, she discovered her love of data-driven engineering and machine learning while getting her PhD at the University of Washington where she proved the viability of compressed sensing on biomedical signals. When she isn’t experimenting with algorithms or writing code, she is usually with her husband and two kids on an adventure, be it abroad or closer to their home in Washington, DC.