Dimagi Africa

Resmun Moonsamy

Project Manager

About Resmun Moonsamy

Resmun Moonsamy is a seasoned professional with deep expertise spanning over 16 years in the realms of GIS, data analytics, information management, and project management. Known for his ability to leverage data-driven strategies, Resmun enhances organizational performance and fosters informed decision-making processes. He brings a solid record of leading diverse teams and successfully steering high-stakes projects, meeting stringent timelines and budget constraints.

At the heart of Resmun’s proficiency lies advanced analytics, data visualization, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) application. Driven by his fascination with Information Technology and a zeal to make a positive impact, he remains committed to humanitarian initiatives that advocate for human rights.

Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Technology and holding a project management diploma, Resmun further fortifies his robust skills portfolio. His academic accomplishments also include a Bachelor’s degree and Honours Degree in Geography and Environmental Management.