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Saumyadeb Dasgupta - Dimagi

Saumyadeb is a development practitioner with an avid interest in research and data-driven decision making. He took a different route than his peers since completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from York University in Toronto by taking a deep dive into the development sector of India. Since then, he has used his knowledge and experience to help implement Watershed Development programs at the grassroot level across the drought-prone areas of Maharashtra and Jharkhand. He further helped implement an urban WASH program funded by the USAID in the smart cities of Dharamshala and Jaipur. Saumyadeb also led an innovative direct cash transfer program for 2.5 years with urban poor households of these cities to add to the existing knowledge of government welfare programs. He loves to get his hands dirty with the projects that he works on and takes his time to understand the nuances of the geography and community as much as possible. He enjoys travelling, learning new languages, customs, traditions and lives of different communities across the Indian heartlands.

Saumyadeb loves meaningful conversations and he is easily moved by films and people that can provide him the same. He is an avid fan of football and dreams to watch a football match of Manchester United at Old Trafford one day. He also loves to read books and retains very specific and obscure information about things. He is heavily influenced by the 60’s and 70’s rock bands and took up playing the guitar to sound like them.

A big part of his life has been about travelling and he becomes fidgety if travels don’t happen at regular intervals. Another significant part has been about food and swears by his two favourite items – fish and biryani. He hopes to write a book one day to pen down his learnings from life!



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