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Samantha Rowan - Dimagi

Samantha’s journey to joining Dimagi as a Technical Project Analyst in the Solutions division is unique, just like her. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, she developed a deep passion for improving the quality of life of others. This led her to the University of Cape Town, where she majored in psychology and organizational psychology, and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science. Her intrinsic ability to understand the human mind and aptitude for communicating technical concepts to a wide variety of audiences saw her entering the digital space. There, she worked across departments and within diverse teams as an SEO copywriter and database administrator for all manner of industries. However, with opportunities to drive meaningful change few and far between, Samantha was quickly drawn to Dimagi, where software meets social impact. Outside of work, she is the proud mother to Franco, her two-year-old Staffy. She loves losing herself in Cape Town’s indigenous fynbos forests and resetting in its salty waters. She also enjoys indoor climbing (and falling).



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