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Livhuwani Mongwe - Dimagi

Livhuwani Mongwe is part of the support team in the SaaS division. She has worked for I-TECH and wore many hats during her tenure at I-TECH. Livhuwani worked as a support analyst supporting PEPFAR-South Africa and the National Department of Health in South Africa. Livhuwani was part of the original team members who started the informatics unit at I-TECH.  A team which she eventually led when she transitioned to a role as a data analyst. Livhu is passionate about empowering people to use technology confidently, she has worked on a community based project for a disadvantaged community teaching advanced computer literacy.

During her downtime she loves to spend time with family and friends, quality time is important. She believes that food is life and that life is meant to be enjoyed through laughter. She is also involved in her church , using her ICT skills and knowledge to serve. She brings to Dimagi a passion to solve complex problems and to make a social impact.



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