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Curtis Conlon - Dimagi

Curtis is a Senior Project Analyst on the Digital Adherence Team. As a determined young man, he started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18. He worked hard and successfully expanded his business, eventually joining forces with his father and brothers in the family enterprise. There, he excelled in the market, introducing new products and becoming an expert in sales and relationship building.

After his father’s retirement, Curtis and his brothers decided to venture out on their own, starting two new businesses in Cape Town and Joburg, specializing in importing and exporting natural stone products. Curtis took on the role of General Manager and relocated his family to Cape Town, where he led the branch with his sharp business acumen.

However, life is full of surprises, and in 2019, Curtis made the decision to return to his hometown of East London to be closer to his family. He joined a corporate IT company and quickly climbed the ranks, becoming the youngest member of the management team as the Product Support Manager. He excelled in various departments, contributing to marketing, sales, product development, and even business and systems analysis.

Outside of work, Curtis has a passion for running and has accomplished almost 30 marathons, including some ultra-marathons. He also cherishes his time with his family, engaging in activities such as traveling, playing board games, watching documentaries, and bonding over exciting FIFA matches on the Xbox.

Curtis is a multi-talented individual who thrived as an entrepreneur, a family man, a dedicated runner, and a skilled manager. His journey continues, and who knows what exciting adventures lie ahead for him.



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