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Akash Lohi - Dimagi

Akash Lohi is Project Analyst at Dimagi’s India Division at New Delhi, India. He was born and brought up in various states of India, giving him exposure to a multiplex of cultures and traditions, making it easier for him to understand and adapt to people and situations. He completed his MBA in Marketing/Operations in 2020 from Nirma University, where he was also a member of Students Welfare for the batch. In his first job, he joined the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and worked with them for one and a half years as a project assistant on a large-scale project for the Department of Science and Technology. His responsibilities were stakeholder management, relationship management, performance management, and schedule management. He is passionate about the Impact he can make in the world and contributions that his work makes to society, which brought him to Dimagi. In his free time, he can be seen in his nerdy natural element, reading-learning random topics, listening to old-school songs, bingeing anime, or playing with any dog. He also likes occasional cooking, bike-trips, and pool-parties and is always on the lookout for new experiences, culture, and cuisines.



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