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Abdoul Ndiaye - Dimagi

Abdoul joined dimagi as Technical project Analyst since January 2021.
He has a background in IT with an experience of more than 6 years with an engineering degree in Computer and Telecom.
His desire to help people by using technology to facilitate their work was born during a mission. He volunteered to do a job as an IT support / Interviewer on the territory of Senegal (in the so-called difficult territories). He was charmed by the will of the agents despite the precarious conditions they had at their disposal to do their work. The love they had for what they were doing made him want to help them, to participate in making an impact in their lives.
Since then Abdoul has been bringing his expertise to NGOs. Before joining dimagi, Abdoul had the chance to integrate the NGO Save the Children, recognized in the field of child protection, another one that helps the farmers by bringing them expertise and thus helping them to fight hunger.
Favorite hobbies: Go to the beach, boxing, spending time with family



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