Digital Solutions for COVID-19 Response

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CommCare is a proven digital solution
for outbreak response

Dimagi’s CommCare platform enables you to quickly build and deploy custom mobile applications for every phase of an effective COVID-19 response - from screening and contact tracing to patient monitoring and post-care support.

How can CommCare be used for COVID-19 response?

Screening and triage protocols

Quickly identify people infected by COVID-19 with customized screening and triage protocols on CommCare's mobile app.

Surveillance and contact tracing

Track COVID-19 patients via robust mobile case management features and trace each case's contacts during the contagion period.

Information dissemination

Empower frontline workers with decision support and job aid tools in CommCare's mobile app - or integrate with SMS workflows.

Lab tracking and logistics

Track the status of COVID-19 tests and enable field-based responders to manage logistics for critical medical supplies on their mobile phone.

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COVID-19 Local Response System

This platform was built from CDC protocols to support frontline worker patient screening and contact tracing. Learn more about the system being used by cities and states across the US.

COVID-19 Template Applications

These free, configurable template applications are based on WHO best practices and cover various phases of COVID-19 response, from contact tracing and patient screening to facility readiness.

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Solution

Delivering the COVID-19 vaccine is sure to be the most ambitious public health campaign ever attempted. Offer every group the support and guidance they need to ensure the equitable delivery of the vaccine – from frontline workers to program officers and, of course, the recipients themselves.

Governments are leveraging CommCare for COVID-19 response

San Francisco’s Department of Public Health is using CommCare to support city-wide contact tracing efforts. The platform is based on the Local Reporting System developed for departments across the country.

Through support from the Centers for Disease Control, the Santa Clara Public Health Department in California is using CommCare with integrated SMS to support contact tracing and remote monitoring.

Sierra Leone's Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation is partnering with Dimagi to develop COVID-19 CommCare applications for its frontline workers.

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