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Template Applications to Support All Phases of COVID-19 Response - Dimagi

Dimagi is developing a collection of free template CommCare applications to support the various phases of COVID-19 response.

These template applications offer organizations the opportunity to rapidly deploy job aids and data collection tools to workers responding to different facets of outbreak response, while adhering to widely recognized protocols from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Five Mobile Applications

Users can import these free mobile applications into their project space in CommCare and deploy them immediately to Android mobile devices or as a web application used on a desktop or mobile browser. The applications are easily customizable for local contexts, and most are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi:

Contact Tracing

The contact tracing application follows the World Health Organization’s First Few Cases (FFX) Protocol that seeks to monitor early positive cases of a disease, as well as their close contacts. Users can register confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases and their contacts, as well as input relevant demographic and clinical information, symptoms, health care interactions, and lab results. The application then enables users to follow-up with cases to confirm the progression of their symptoms as well as final outcomes. 

This demo video summarizes the core workflows of the contact tracing application, including case registration, contact follow-up, and lab test tracking. For more information on this application, click here.

Port of Entry Screening

The port of entry screening application is an intake and surveillance tool that reflects WHO protocols to detect and report symptomatic travelers and their contacts at ports of entry (e.g. airports, seaports, border crossings, etc.). This application can be used as a standalone tool and it also easily integrates with the contact tracing application to ensure that information captured at these ports of entry can be seamlessly integrated into national contact tracing efforts.

This demo video summarizes the core workflows of the port of entry screening application, including patient screening, referrals, and follow-ups. For more information on this application, please click here.

Facility Readiness and Stock Tracking

The facility readiness and stock tracking application enables facility readiness planning and allows for the recording and reporting of specific COVID-19-related resources, including potential supply imbalances. Using a standardized protocol from the WHO, facility readiness data and critical stock usage data can be systematically collected, formatted into actionable reports, and shared rapidly with decision-making organizations and individuals globally to plan for and predict facility readiness and critical stock items needed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This demo video summarizes the core workflows of the facility readiness application, including facility registration, stock tracking, and reporting of over- or under-supply. For more information on this application, click here.

Health Worker Training & Monitoring

The health worker training & monitoring application is designed to provide direct support and daily monitoring of healthcare workers. This application has three primary functions. First, this app is designed to rapidly assess Health Care Providers for risk in contracting COVID-19 and to then screen for any signs and symptoms of the virus and provide decision making support for next steps that the provider should follow. Second, this app provides education materials and supports providers’ mental health, as well as best practices to be implemented in the facility and at home. Thirdly, the app makes use of a feedback loop allowing providers to report areas of facility improvement for the management of COVID-19 cases and related preparedness.

This demo video summarizes the core workflows of the healthcare provider training and monitoring application, including symptom screening, risk assessment, workforce education, and facility feedback. For more information on this application, click here.

Sample Tracking & Lab Testing Application

The sample tracking & lab testing application supports health workers in collecting samples and receiving completed test results. Through the application, users can register persons under investigation (PUI), as well as their test sample. They will then be able to update the test sample result when it is made available and go through a workflow to inform the relevant parties – including the patient, other healthcare providers, and the local department of health. Finally, this application will feature a training module on test result indicators and support reporting functionality. 

This demo video summarizes the core workflows of the lab test tracking application, including registering samples and editing patient information. For more information on this application, click here.

How to Access the Mobile Applications

Once you are logged into CommCare, you can simply visit our COVID-19 Application Library to import any of these applications into your own project space. If you don’t have a CommCare account, it’s very easy to sign up here.

Two Messaging Applications

In addition to the 5 template mobile applications above, Dimagi has also developed the following template messaging applications. Please note that due to the nature of SMS and messaging, messaging applications may require configuration support from Dimagi. 

Community-Based Monitoring

By partnering with and WhatsApp, Dimagi has created a fully automated SMS/WhatsApp based daily screening and tracking solution that employs our powerful system, CommCare, for case management. CommCare ensures all patients’ symptoms are recorded over time, which allows frontline healthcare workers to organize and prioritize patients based on the severity of their symptoms, while tracking when and where the outbreak has spread.

To learn more about CommunityPulse, please click here.

US Local Response System

To support COVID-19 response efforts in the United States by following CDC guidelines, Dimagi has developed a COVID-19 digital system that supports persons under investigation (PUI) protocols, case surveillance, and contact tracing. This system consists of a web application interface for approved public health officials, as well as a messaging system to follow-up with COVID-19 cases and their contacts. This system is currently being used in various US settings, including by the City of San Francisco to support contact tracing efforts. 

To learn more about the system, please click here.

Learn More

We will also be compiling resources, such as application documentation, an icon library, and other public CommCare-related resources here. And you can always visit our community forum.

Dimagi would like to thank the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, Johnson & Johnson’s Center for Health Worker Innovation, and the Open Road Alliance for their generous support to make these rapid response resources freely available.



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