Visualize Data Collection with CommCare’s New Report Builder


Visualizing your CommCare data is a crucial step to understanding your project’s progress and results. The CommCare Team has been working on new ways to help make this part of your job easier, and today we are excited to announce the release of a new-and-improved Report Builder!

Report Builder is a tool within CommCare that allows you to easily create charts, build real-time reports of key program indicators, and share these visualizations with your project staff — either in CommCare or through scheduled emails.

Along with an updated look and feel, we made the following improvements to the new Report Builder to help you create reports more easily and efficiently than ever before.


1. Live Edit Your Report with Report Preview

Data collected in CommCare is often complex, making it hard to know exactly what aspects of your data you’ll need to build an actionable report. This is why we added a new Report Preview option.

The preview tool updates in real-time, so you can visualize what your data looks like before saving your report.


2. Easily Change Between Report Types

We’ve made it really easy for you to change the way your data is summarized by simply switching between report types with a single click. You even have the ability to add charts or a map view of your data.

Being able to easily switch between report types helps you save time, and lets you experiment with different visualizations to figure out what works best for your project!


3. Add Both User and Default Filters to Your Report

The streamlined report building process also allows you to quickly switch between indicators, columns, and filters without having to reconfigure your report.

In addition to User Filters, which allow viewers to select which data the report will display,  we’ve also added default filters. Default Filters automatically pre-filter the data shown in reports so that your report viewers don’t have to manually filter the data before viewing it!


How Can You Access The New Report Builder?

To use the new Report Builder, navigate to the Reports tab on CommCareHQ and click “+ Create new report.” Everyone can access report builder today!

If you’re on a pro plan or higher, you can create and save up to 5 reports.

Try Report Builder Today —> 





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