September Product Update: New CommCare Look & Report Builder

Our engineering team is thrilled to announce two new beta features in CommCare.

  1. CommCare gets a fresh look: CommCare on Android will look nicer and be more fun and easy to use!
  2. New CommCare Report Builder: we’re launching a new analytics tool that lets you create your own reports and data visualizations right in CommCareHQ.

Exciting stuff – now let’s dive into the details.

– Amelia & the CommCare team

A New Mobile Look for CommCare (Beta)

CommCare apps on Android have a new look! We’ve updated the CommCare app with a modern, colorful, and engaging look that is more consistent with other Android applications.


To give people a chance to test CommCare’s new user interface, we have released a beta version that you can opt-in to. We plan on making the new user interface standard across all CommCare apps in our next release by November. If you are a running a CommCare project currently, we encourage you to check how your app looks and feels in the beta version before the final release in November.

  • Will the new look change my apps? You can expect most workflows and functionality to stay the same. There are some minor differences that you can read about here.
  • Why should I try the beta release? Some mobile users may need guidance or training to adjust to the new look. We want to make sure your team has time to evaluate the changes and plan ahead. We also want to incorporate your feedback into the final release, so please share your comments with us.
  • How can I sign up for the beta?
    1. Find the Google user account linked to your mobile device.
    2. Make sure you are logged into your Google user account either on a phone or on your computer.
    3. From either your phone or your computer, join this Google Group and click hereCongratulations! You are now enrolled in the beta group!
    4. Open the Google Play store on your mobile device and search for “CommCare.” 
    5. Select CommCare, and then click the CommCare “Update” button from the Google Play store. If you don’t see the update button immediately, don’t worry: check again in a few hours.
    6. Enjoy the new look!
  • I still have questions! If you want to read more about the user interface rollout plan, please check out this page. If you still have questions, please email

Build Your Own Reports in CommCare (Beta)

Using Excel or another third party tool to download and analyze data on a few key indicators can take a lot of time.

But no longer! We are happy to introduce the beta release of the CommCare Report Builder, a new tool to design and build your own reports in CommCare. Choose the type of report that you want and the indicators you want to track. Share the report with your team on the web or through scheduled emails.


Apply to the Report Builder beta group!



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