Multimedia, Reports, and other improvements

Every report now comes with consistent and expanded set of filtering options. In particular, you can now decide which type of users to show in any given report. This has proven to be really helpful for filtering out test submissions from the demo user when you’re trying to look at real data. Looking under Unknown Users can also help diagnose problems with users not having beep properly registered.

You can also now filter by group for case export and custom exports.

Better layout and sorting for Reports

In addition to filtering, we improved the layout of some reports with total rows by breaking the total row out to a row under the table so that it always stays separate from the other data. We also fixed a problem that occurring when you tried to sort on numerical rows; it now behaves as expected.

Vellum Improvements

We’ve pushed a number of improvements to Vellum, our form designer. For you that’ll mostly just mean a smoother experience, but for those of you interested in the nitty-gritty, here’s a list of the main features and bug fixes:

– Support for special CommCare ODK questions (only available on Android): Barcode, Image Capture, Audio Capture, Video Capture
– Changes to Question IDs now properly update all references to the question in logic elsewhere in the form.
– New button to add select items to a select question
– Bug fixes surrounding Group and Repeat questions
* No longer automatically generate an extra header for these questions.
* No longer require text or insert text filler text while parsing these questions.
* No longer blow away special “jr:count” variable and other special attributes during parsing.
– Better language integration with CommCare HQ 

Bulk User Registration


You can now make your list of users in Excel and upload it to us to register all of your CommCare users at once! Once they’re registered online, all you need to do is to do a “Restore” from each user’s CommCare installation and it’ll sync up with the server’s information.

There have also been some other minor improvements to the tool for creating and editing CommCare users that should make doing so a little easier.

We hope you enjoy these changes and continue to do the best Community Health work out there.




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