Data to Drive Action - Part 2

Earlier this month, I posted about Dimagi’s initiative called Active Data Management.  Initially, ADM was started to aid our partners running CommCare-based projects to better utilize their data with the goal of improving the performance of their CHW workforce.

Earlier this year, we began piloting ADM internally and externally with our CommCare projects to validate its value proposition, adjust our current approach, and receive feedback from on-the-ground project managers. Internally, we found that ADM drastically increased our own knowledge and awareness about the performance of our partners’ projects and successfully raised pressing issues for follow-up by our internal staff. Externally, we tested our report prototypes with our partner project managers.  They found ADM extremely valuable in its ability to both shine light on their project’s weak performing areas and establish clear ways to address them.

Due to the success with ADM’s application with our CommCare-based projects, we extended this approach to our other projects. We have a number of partners operating in the SMS/Logistics space where the principles of ADM can apply equally. Shortly after ADM’s introduction in these projects, our Dimagi program manager noticed a significant increase in the reporting rates of some projects. In one case, there was a 30% improvement in reporting rate over a 4 week period.

This example highlights the tremendous benefit and possibility for workforce performance improvement through ADM’s approach. Routine follow-up action based on operational insight is the most powerful agent for enhanced program performance and, subsequently, impact.

We’re now ramping up this effort with several of our partners building ADM in their project plans.



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