Business Development Toolkit

Use the Business Development Toolkit to develop a BD pipeline for your organization.

What is the business development toolkit?

The business development toolkit will help your organization quickly build a business development pipeline. When you download the toolkit, you will receive:

  • A PDF that explains our approach to business development
  • An Excel tool to help you build your own business development pipeline
Why did we create the business development toolkit?

Developing a business development pipeline from scratch is difficult and time intensive. As a social enterprise and certified Benefit Corporation, we are committed to helping our partners achieve impact—whether that is with our technology platform, CommCare, or by sharing resources that could help improve a project’s deliverables. We developed this toolkit with the latter in mind. By releasing this toolkit, we hope to assist organizations in developing a business development process efficiently, so they can focus on what matters most: delivering services to those who need it most.

How to get started:

Get started by downloading the Business Development toolkit on the right. If you'd rather connect with someone at Dimagi first or have questions about the toolkit, please get in touch with us.

Download Business Development Toolkit