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Government of Somalia and Regional WHO Team Select CommCare as COVID-19 Vaccination Management Platform - Dimagi

The Government of Somalia, the regional WHO team, and Dimagi are rapidly launching a digital system to manage COVID-19 vaccine delivery across the country. 

Frontline health workers in Somalia will track each individual before, during, and after the vaccination process. Stakeholders at multiple levels will monitor the status of vaccine delivery via custom dashboards that are updated in real time. These efforts are critical to ensuring the equitable and efficient delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. 

The solution launched on March 20th on Dimagi’s flagship CommCare platform, an open-source, proven digital Global Good. In the medium term, the system can be swiftly adapted to manage routine immunization and other services.

“Dimagi’s experience with COVID-19 response through 2020 reinforced an important lesson that digital solutions are much more effective if in place before an emergency starts. Given the tremendous urgency in achieving COVID-19 vaccine coverage, the rapid deployment of the CommCare vaccine solution in Somalia will ensure that the Government of Somalia and the regional WHO team have a robust system in place to manage vaccine delivery before the campaign begins,” said Jonathan Jackson, Dimagi’s CEO. 



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