Agricultural Finance Programs

The explosion of microfinance and insurance institutions (MFIs) has provided alternative sources of capital and security for small-scale farmers. Availability to Microfinance and insurance options allow agricultural communities to reduce investment risk, as well as provide the growth capital needed to thrive.

However, while microfinance and insurance have allowed farmers to increase crop yields through new investments, the penetration rates in rural rates — where capital and risk hedging is needed most — still lag behind other geographies. Complex dataflows and poor infrastructures lead to impossible demands on finance, insurance, and credit officers. Only robust, off-grid IT solutions can help expand financial tools to the millions that require them to help expand their businesses.

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Benefits of Mobile Data Collection in
Agricultural Finance Programs

Offline capabilities support individual loan tracking without large amounts of paperwork that get lost or destroyed in remote locations.

Complex logic reduces data entry needs to allow for quicker turn-around times in remote locations, allowing officers to visit more customers or customers in farther locations.

SMS capabilities allow farmers to receive confirmation of payment history, allowing them to build up credit for higher loan amounts in the future.

Cloud-hosting allows management to remotely view and monitor loan books in real-time, reducing their risk portfolio and allowing for increased leading to new markets.

Featured CommCare-Based Agricultural
Finance Projects

Micro Insurance Academy

MIA uses CommCare to register members and asset values to help with premiums calculations and claims management.

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myAgro uses CommCare to decrease enrollment times and improves efficiency and data quality for their microfinance in Senegal.

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A Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer's locally-based community facilitators use CommCare to monitor and track the progress of loan recipients.

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The Latest on Mobile Data Collection for Agriculture

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A Q&A with Research Coordinator Jack Hetherington (ACIAR) on his advice for mobile data collection in ag programs.

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How to Unlock the Power of Feedback

Oikoi (formerly AgImpact) shares their advice on how providing immediate feedback to beneficiaries can improve a variety of outcomes for the entire program.

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Digitizing Coffee Agronomy Training & Monitoring

Global Technology Manager Kevin Zeigler discusses how three of Technoserve’s initiatives adopted mobile data collection platforms to train farmers in East Africa.

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