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Our Values - Dimagi

Dimagi Values

At Dimagi, we care deeply not only about what we do and the impact we have, but also about how we do it.

In this podcast series, co-hosts, Jonathan Jackson and Amie Vaccaro are joined by four Dimagi team members – Lucina Tse, Chief Operating Officer, Gillian Javetski, Chief of Staff, Avni Singhal, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Simon Kelly, Director of Server Engineering – to discuss Dimagi’s company values and what they mean to us.

Impact, team, profit. In that order.

Dimagi’s core value. This guides everything that we do as a company. We see that impact, team and profit create a flywheel, building on its own momentum to rotate faster and faster. As such, our flywheel works to ensure that progress in any one of these areas (Impact, Team, or Profit) generates improvement in the other two.

Impact: Achieving High-Impact Growth is both our mission and also helps us recruit the best team.

Team: An incredible team is necessary to create profit and impact.

Profit: Modest profit growth is necessary to sustain impact and continued investments into our team.

Be bold but humble

Achieving High-Impact Growth requires that we act boldly, knowing time and resources are limited and the need is great. We take bold risks even though we may be wrong. We act boldly but don’t allow our ego to cloud our judgment. We take our work seriously, never ourselves.

Lead with empathy and respect

We treat each other with kindness, empathy and respect, creating space for all voices and stories to be heard. We are building an equitable, inclusive and safe environment where we can bring our authentic selves to work.

Evolve by openly learning and sharing

No single person or organization can achieve our vision alone. We must work as partners (not vendors) to proactively understand our respective challenges, the impact we want to make, and to collaboratively chart the best way forward. We learn from what we’re doing and are unafraid in sharing those lessons, even when we wish the results were different.

Embrace Complexity for Impact

Doing this work is by no means straightforward. We often come across forks in the road in our work: the simpler road, or the windier road to drive High-Impact Growth. We choose the road for greater impact – while always keeping our destination in mind.

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