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My Time at Dimagi as an Intern - Dimagi

Prarthana is a Design Contractor at Dimagi and has been with the organisation for over a year now starting as an intern (2022 – Present)

When I learned that we were required to score an internship for our 6th semester in college, I set my goals high from the beginning. I began my search using the conventional method of browsing through professional networking platforms, hoping to find the perfect opportunity. But unfortunately, none of the options I came across felt truly satisfying (plus, it takes a lot from me to follow conventions).

This led me to broaden my search and actively seek out organisations that resonated with my area of interest and skill set. During this ambiguity-filled hunt, I stumbled upon Dimagi. As I delved into their website and learned more about the causes they championed, I felt a strong urge to reach out to them. Despite there being no specific internship listed, I was determined to take a chance and write to them expressing my interest in working with the team. Dimagi’s values deeply appealed to me and I felt that my skills and passion could contribute meaningfully to their efforts, so I took a leap and sent an email expressing my enthusiasm and genuine desire to be a part of their team. 

I interviewed with various members of the Marketing team. My conversation with Amie Vaccaro (Senior Director of Global Marketing) was unique in a way that it focused on self-reflective questions, encouraging me to delve deeper into my own thoughts and motivations. This process not only allowed me to gain a better understanding of myself but also shed light on the significance of each team member’s character and attitude in shaping a conducive and productive working environment. And I made it in! 

Starting at Dimagi was undeniably overwhelming. The sheer volume of information to grasp, coupled with the uncertainty of how to approach the new role made the beginning quite daunting. What swamped me the most was sending emails, crafting messages on Slack, and constantly pondering if I was communicating in the “right way.” I also vividly remember my first ever call with the team, where we discussed designing in InDesign (an Adobe Document design tool) project. It was ironic that my very first assignment at Dimagi involved working with a software I had always dreaded. However, I refused to be discouraged, and with the support of my motivating mentor (Sudhanshu Kanth, who is the Senior Designer) I managed to navigate through this learning phase. I’ve engaged in a variety of creative projects since then, including precise document curation, eye-catching newsletter headers, unique icon illustrations, and dynamic logo animations.

I gradually became more comfortable in my role. Dimagi’s nurturing environment (and the marketing team in particular) has played a vital role in helping me adapt and grow as a person. One of the most significant perks of working at Dimagi was the opportunity to balance my professional responsibilities with my college assignments. This put my time management skills to test and eventually I learned how to multitask while keeping my productivity high. I’m appreciative of how these early experiences began shaping my professional development, pushing me to overcome obstacles and helping me find confidence in my communication and technical abilities.

My typical day begins by noting down tasks that I’ve identified as priorities for the day. I usually get on call with my mentor to discuss how best to approach these tasks. From there, I dive into churning out work that’s on my plate for the day, all while keeping up with any scheduled meetings on my calendar. It’s the mix of focused work and collaborative discussions that keeps things interesting.

I conducted a painting workshop for the team during our Summit in Delhi!

If I were to offer a piece of advice to those pursuing an internship opportunity, it would be to make sure to invest time and effort in exploring various organisations that share your interests. This will keep your passion for learning high and your motivation strong throughout the experience.

I’m grateful that my initial exposure to the corporate world through Dimagi has been nurturing and transformative, and I have been able to refine not only my work ethic but also work on my personal growth. And now, as I embark on my journey with Dimagi in a full-time capacity, I’m looking forward to building my skills as a designer, sharpening my communication and project management skills, and also having loads of fun with creativity!



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