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Johnson & Johnson Foundation - Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Develop Engagement Profiles of a Digital Resilience Message Programme and Inform Scale Efforts - Dimagi

Timelines of the Project: October 2022 to July 2023 

Project Background

This project builds on two previous projects with the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation (1) Adapting Content for FLW Resilience Building, (2) CommCare Companion Application. As part of the former projects, Dimagi adapted the  Resilience Message Program for Hindi-speaking health workers in India, designed and developed the Companion Application for Health Worker Resilience, and led a Working Group on Improving Health Worker Resilience. Learnings from each of these projects are synthesized in Dimagi’s publicly-available Guidebook on Content Adaptation.

Project Overview

As part of this project, Dimagi will complete the following deliverables: 

  1. Continue to support the 3 organizations deploying the Companion Application in their respective geographies with approximately 345 health workers
  2. Support IHI for their peer-reviewed publication (IRB approved) sharing implementation insights from the pilot project. While IHI will lead the publication, Dimagi will play a supporting role in the publication of pilot findings.
  3. Advanced Analytics: As part of the pilot, each pilot organization will collect baseline, midline, endline, and application usage data. After the conclusion of the pilot projects, Dimagi will run advanced analytics to generate insights about implementation of digitally-supported resilience programs.
  4. Preparation for Scale: In order to scale the Resilience Application to large numbers of health workers, we believe that it is important to invest in preparation activities that will allow us to scale up more quickly with new partners in the future. These activities can be seen as prerequisites for reaching large scale; by investing in these early on, we will be prepared to scale more quickly in the future. As part of this deliverable, we plan to develop models for scale, develop implementation guidance, survey organizations/conduct market research on key motivators and bottlenecks of deploying the Resilience Application and leverage any insights from advanced analytics that may inform optimization efforts.

Expected Impact Dimagi is developing a digital mental health toolbox with reusable components that can be used across programs to expand access to mental healthcare, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. The learnings from this project will support Dimagi in creating a robust digital solution that can be used as a self-guided tool by health workers to learn Resilience skills to combat stress & burnout. This project will also allow Dimagi to continue supporting ongoing pilot projects until closure, complete advanced data analytics, and begin preparations for scaling up the resilience application. The peer-reviewed publication will disseminate the learnings from the pilot period to the larger Resilience Collaborative Community.  The analytical & implementation insights from the pilot periods will help Dimagi improve the design and scale up plan for the Resilience application.



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