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Announcing the High-Impact Growth Podcast - Dimagi

This year, Dimagi turns 20. We also recently shared our five-year strategy for achieving High-Impact Growth. In the last 20 years, we’ve learned a lot about the role of technology in global health and development–through successes and failures. As an open source company, we’ve also sought to share what we learn along the way, primarily through our blog as well as at conferences and events. Today, we are announcing a new way that we’ll be sharing: the High-Impact Growth Podcast.

High-Impact Growth is a podcast for social entrepreneurs, tech for good experts, global development professionals, nonprofit leaders and anyone grappling with the challenge of how to build solutions that are both immensely impactful and also achieve high-growth. I’ll be joined by leaders across Dimagi as well as our co-host and Global Marketing Director, Amie Vaccaro, as we unpack learnings from 20 years building digital solutions for global health and development, explore barriers to and opportunities for High-Impact Growth, and speak with industry leaders from around the world.

Our first few episodes explore the founding of Dimagi with a few of the people most closely involved and show where and how it all started. Over the coming months, we’ll be digging deep into the thinking and considerations from our five-year strategy with some of the people most closely involved, and bringing in external voices as well.  

We believe in the power of out-collaborating rather than outcompeting, and working together on hard, intractable problems, like helping people get access to the services they need to thrive. We want to grow a community helping each other achieve High-Impact Growth and are hopeful that a podcast will give us a venue to hold important conversations that will ignite new thinking and provide fresh perspectives on existing ideas. 

Please have a listen to High-Impact Growth. You can also find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music. (We’d be grateful if you’d like, rate, follow, and subscribe). Please do send us feedback, suggestions, and guest ideas to



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