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FIND – Digital Solution for COVID-19 RDTs - Dimagi

To further support organizations interested in deploying applications for COVID-19 response, FIND and Dimagi have partnered to develop a new template application for health workers who run COVID-19 antigen rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs).

Today, the application is available for download from the COVID-19 template app library for all CommCare users on an advanced plan or above.

COVID-19 Antigen RDTs have a large role to play in increasing access to testing, because they can deliver results in minutes in clinics, within the community, or wherever else care is delivered. However, it is critical that these tests be performed correctly and reported promptly.

This application is designed to walk health workers through the steps of administering RDTs, featuring workflows for patient registration, test initiation, and result capture. It also goes beyond data collection to provide service delivery support to those on the frontline with:

  • Built-in timers: Users know exactly when a test is processing, when it is valid to read, as notified by an alert, and when it has expired, based on when it was initiated. The tool supports multiple timers simultaneously, for frontline workers running tests on multiple patients at once.
  • Visual job aids: Multimedia instructions guide workers through the administration of different tests based on the instructions from the manufacturer of each test. 

The template application is designed to be used as a standalone tool or as a modular template for particular questions, modules, or forms, which can be incorporated into pre-existing applications to integrate workflows for RDTs.

Finally, the template application utilizes the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit, which is downloadable from the Play Store for free and offers support for RDTs across multiple diseases. CommCare is linked to the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit via the Android App Callout feature. 

More documentation on the solution can be found here alongside detail on Dimagi’s other template applications for COVID-19 response. If you have any questions about the template solution please direct them towards our user forum or directly to



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