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Expedite Your Case Management Workflows: Introducing Case List Explorer - Dimagi

Case data can be one of the most important assets in your organization. It contains critical information about your beneficiaries across various sectors including healthcare, financial inclusion, agricultural programs and others. Unlike traditional mobile data collection tools that use one-off survey forms, case management in CommCare links your forms together, allowing you to seamlessly track subjects and analyze changes over time. 

With CommCare’s case management capabilities, you save a significant amount of time on data management and organization—no longer having to perform complex and time-consuming data management processes before you even begin your analysis. Instead, CommCare’s case management features enable you to quickly view each beneficiary as a row in your dataset with columns for all relevant information that has been collected on them, significantly simplifying your reporting. However, managing thousands of cases can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools to help you make sense of this information. That’s where Case List Explorer (Case List Explorer) comes in: it’s a powerful tool that lets users inspect, analyze and validate case data using simple queries or built-in tools like reports and charts.

Built on our powerful Case Query Language (CQL), the Case List Explorer gives you the power to fully customize your case queries based on case properties. CQL, which is a lightweight language with simple syntax designed to define queries that return cases based on specific criteria.

Extract relevant information from case data presented in easily consumable formats with an effective query engine

The Case List Explorer has been designed to help you find the case/s of your interest quickly, right from CommCareHQ. The Case List Explorer empowers users with simple needs (say, query based on 2-3 case properties), while still supporting “power users” with sophisticated needs (say, query based on complex logic, and involving child or parent cases).Whether you need to quickly find cases based on two or three properties, or are undertaking complex queries based on parent or child cases, Case List Explorer provides all the functionality you need to streamline your case data analysis.

Given its general utility, we anticipate Case List Explorer to unlock a lot of use cases for specific users with the following are some of them.

  • Field Coordinator – Identification of the most vulnerable participants that need immediate attention.
  • Program Officer – Expediting cascading case identification and prioritization workflows (say, for cash and voucher assistance workflows)
  • M&E Specialist – Detecting data anomalies & Generating ad hoc insights on your participants.
  • Solution Builder – Explore test data to review if the solution’s data outputs (say, hidden values) are as per set expectations. 
  • Common for All – Sharing actionable filtered views of your ‘case list’ with your colleagues.

Create custom-filtered views of case data and save them as reports for future use.

With Case List Explorer, users can create custom-filtered views of case data and save them as views for future use. With Case List Explorer, you can easily filter your case data based on a wide range of different criteria. This means that you can quickly identify the most vulnerable participants that require immediate attention, expedite cascading case identification and prioritization of workflows, generate ad hoc insights on your participants, and more. 

A view is a saved selection of cases with certain criteria that you have specified. For example, you may want to see all the cases where your organization has provided food assistance in the last three months. You are able to save reports made via the Case List Explorer by clicking on the “Save” button. Views feature, users can create this type of custom-filtered view and save it as a view for future use:

  • Create a new view by entering some basic information about what kind of case data should be included or excluded from your search (e.g., date range, case type, case name).
  • Save your new search criteria so that it appears under “My Saved Reports” when creating another search later on!
  • The Export to Excel option will send an email to the address defined in your account settings with a link to an Excel file with the data populated from the search. The link will only be active for 24 hours. 


In summary, we believe that Case List Explorer has the potential to revolutionize case management within CommCare and empower users to streamline their workflows. Case List Explorer is a feature available exclusively to existing CommCare Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise users. For Standard and Community Users, we encourage you to upgrade your plans to gain access to Case List Explorer and take advantage of its useful features. 

We’re excited to see how the CommCare community engages with Case List Explorer and how it unlocks innovative use cases.  So why not give it a try today, and see for yourself how Case List Explorer can change the way you work with your case data. If you’d like to learn more about how CommCare can help your organization manage cases more efficiently, contact us today!



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