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Dimagi to Launch Monkeypox Case Management Solution to Support US Public Health Departments - Dimagi

Digital template application powered by CommCare for investigating monkeypox cases and tracing contacts to be offered free for 6 months to control outbreaks

CAMBRIDGE, MA, September 7, 2022  – Dimagi, a global social impact organization and leader in frontline health technology, announced that it will be offering a free monkeypox case management solution to any US public health department beginning September 12, 2022. The solution will come with a pre-configured case investigation and contact tracing (CICT) application built on the open-source platform, CommCare. Dimagi will provide 6 months of free CommCare Enterprise Premier subscription along with the application to support uptake. 

As of September 1, 2022, the US monkeypox crisis has climbed to over 19,000 cases. Public health departments are often overwhelmed with the important work of responding to infectious disease outbreaks—and for good reason. Many of these departments have been underfunded, and as a result, their resources have been limited. Having a free pre-built solution can help public health departments use their limited resources to respond more effectively.

In addition to investigating cases, setting up contact tracing plays a vital role in helping to slow the spread of monkeypox. In a recent article published by Duke University about monkeypox, infectious disease specialist, Dr. Cameron Wolfe mentions, “tracing is something we did at the beginning of COVID. It’s really important here. People may not know they’ve been exposed. This is a close contact, skin-to-skin related condition so remaining at home during that time is really crucial.”

With the scalability of the evidence-based CommCare platform, Dimagi was able to build a monkeypox solution quickly. The solution will be available on any web browser and comes with pre-built user roles and automated workflows so users can immediately begin using it as part of their CICT workstream. Optional symptom monitoring using SMS will also be available. The data that is collected can be easily exported for CDC reporting. Getting started is simple with no upfront cost and on-demand, self-guided training to launch the solution out-of-the-box. 

“Dimagi has supported numerous public health departments in responding to various infectious disease emergencies – from Ebola and Zika, and most recently, COVID-19 in 40 countries. From these experiences, we’ve seen firsthand how important it is for technology like ours to support overburdened healthcare systems in the best ways we can,” said Jonathan Jackson, Dimagi’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We do this by rapidly building applications departments can use for free, all leveraging a shared data framework on CommCare. Our teams are working on these efforts both for monkeypox and other infectious diseases that countries face.”

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