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CommCare Grant Awardee Series - Introduction - Dimagi

The CommCare Grant for Advancing Frontline Research attracted exciting applications from a range of focus areas, geographies, research studies and expertise. This year’s top three awardees also represent the range of projects we see at Dimagi –– from seasoned CommCare users, to an organization that is moving ‘from paper to digital’ for the first time!

We’ll be checking in with the awardees and sharing key insights so we can all learn from their first-hand experience with frontline research, digital data collection, and more broadly, the realities of managing an NGO.

To re-introduce this year’s awardees:

  • Move Up Global – a nonprofit organization established in 2019 that aims to improve health outcomes in low-resource communities through schools, by bridging the gap between education and public health.
  • Tackle Africa – established in 2002, leverages football to deliver HIV and Sexual & Reproductive Health information and services to young people across the continent.
  • Mata Jai Kaur Maternal & Child Health Centre –  founded in 2018 and based in Rajasthan, is dedicated to improving the health of mothers and children through the provision of high-quality reproductive and child health services in safe, hygienic, and women-centered environments.

Stay tuned for our next blog post as we learn more about Move Up Global –– including its primary aims, origins and framework –– and its founder, Anatole Manzi. Manzi wears many hats: he is the Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Partners in Health, a Lecturer at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Professor at the University of Global Health Equity.  Manzi has a wealth of insights to share after having used CommCare for five years across his teaching and research. 

If you have questions about the Grant or any of our related blog posts, please feel free to share them on the new CommCare Community of Practice for Research.



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