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Malaria Consortium’s upSCALE Program: Integrating CommCare with DHIS2 for Improved Reporting - Dimagi


Malaria Consortium’s upSCALE Program: Integrating CommCare with DHIS2 for Improved Reporting


Community health workers in Mozambique, known as agentes polivalentes elementares (APEs), are elected members of remote communities who are trained to provide basic healthcare. They conduct health-promotion activities and provide integrated community case management (iCCM) for malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea for children aged 2-59 months. In 2016, Malaria Consortium and Dimagi built an application called upSCALE to support the APEs delivering their work, collecting and aggregating data from the different programme activities. When the Mozambican Ministry of Health selected a DHIS2 platform to collect community-level data sets and aggregate them into a set of national health indicators, Dimagi and Malaria Consortium adapted the upSCALE application with a complete integration with the new platform.

CommCare’s interoperability with DHIS2 opens up the possibility of Dimagi’s systems to take advantage of the widely deployed reporting system that is currently used in more than 40 countries, including on a national level in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, Bangladesh, and Mozambique.

Implementing Partners: Malaria Consortium

Countries: Mozambique

Sectors: Health



CommCare + DHIS2 Integration

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