Case Study

MHP Salud: CommCare for an Integrated Approach to Improving Community Health

Project Overview

For the last 35 years, nonprofit organization MHP Salud has implemented Community Health Worker (CHW) programs to support underserved Latino communities across the United States. From case management for older adults to assistance navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace, MHP Salud’s CommCare application keeps track of participants across various community-based health initiatives, including referrals to external organizations.

MHP Salud has increased enrollment in public assistance and health insurance programs and continues to offer support to over 5,000 Latino Americans annually struggling with mental health issues, chronic disease, and other health challenges.

Implementing Partners: MHP Salud

Countries: United States

Sectors: Maternal & Child Health, Nutrition, Gender-Based Violence


  • Case Management
  • Referrals
  • Data Collection
  • Conditional Alerts

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