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BAO Systems and Dimagi Announce Integration Partnership - Dimagi

Streamlining Data Flow From Collection to Analysis.

BAO Systems, a leading provider of DHIS2 and interoperability solutions, and Dimagi, developers of CommCare, are proud to announce a new partnership to better serve our partners as they improve data flow from data collection to integration to analysis and use.

Through this partnership, BAO Systems and Dimagi will jointly explore technical and operational challenges to more seamless integration through knowledge sharing. BAO Systems and Dimagi will work together to develop, test, and market solutions that allow healthcare services managed by Dimagi’s CommCare to share data seamlessly with DHIS2. Both organizations are committed to highlighting their interoperability successes with the broader community through conferences, webinars, and other media outlets. We are excited to showcase the power and benefits of our integrated solutions to a wider audience and drive adoption among organizations in the development, health, and humanitarian sectors.

This partnership establishes a good-faith foundation for future collaborative efforts between BAO Systems and Dimagi. We are committed to proactively and openly sharing our respective experiences, materials, and approaches to develop new materials or enhance existing ones. By leveraging our collective expertise, we aim to drive innovation and create value-add for our respective partners.

We are thrilled about the prospects of this partnership and the positive impact it will have within the global health community of users that leverage CommCare and DHIS2 together. BAO Systems and Dimagi are committed to advancing the field of health information management and data integration, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.

About BAO

BAO Systems is an industry leader in digital data solutions for health and development. BAO empowers its partners to implement scalable and sustainable solutions that uncover data-driven insights to improve livelihoods, strengthen health systems, and achieve equitable human development. Within the DHIS2 community, BAO Systems is the largest hosting company and has the most multi-sectoral and multi-country DHIS2 deployments globally.  

About Dimagi

Dimagi is a global social enterprise that powers impactful frontline work through scalable digital solutions and services. Since 2002, Dimagi has been guided by a vision of a world where everyone has access to the services they need to thrive. Dimagi is most well-known as the makers of CommCare, the most widely-deployed digital platform for enabling Frontline Workers. Governments and organizations across all sectors use customized mobile, web and SMS applications built on CommCare to deliver services at the frontline. Dimagi is a certified Benefit Corporation with teams in the United States, India, South Africa, Senegal and around the world.

To learn more about how CommCare and DHIS2 integrate to create sustainable data pipelines, download our whitepaper.



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