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Banyan Global – Empleando Futuros Project - Dimagi

Empleando Futuros is a youth empowerment and anti-migration program for seven municipalities in Honduras most impacted by violence, crime, and irregular migration. The program provides workforce development courses to youth, cultivates employment opportunities, and coaches young people to obtain and retain viable employment. 

Banyan Global has partnered with Dimagi to build an SMS-based system that we hope will keep youth engaged in the program and linked to useful employment or education resources. The program will incorporate automated and tailored messaging to youth based on registration and course status data pulled from the education platform Moodle, already in use program-wide. 

The overall goals of the project, launching first as a pilot of 700 users, are to increase rates of course completion, rates of employment obtained and retained, and reduce attrition and migration of the program’s 2,500 participants.



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