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ADPP Mozambique - TB Local Response - Dimagi

ADPP Mozambique is a Mozambican Non-Governmental Association that focuses on Quality Education, Health and Well-being, Sustainable Agriculture, and the Environment.

In September 2019, ADPP was awarded a 5 year contract by USAID to implement TB Response in 50 districts in the provinces of Nampula, Sofala, Tete and Zambézia in partnership with the Mozambican National TB Program. TB Local Response, as the project is called, will mobilize local entities and communities to provide quality tuberculosis services, improve the quality of patient-centered TB care, increase diagnosis of Drug-Sensitive and Drug-Resistant TB cases, and improve the treatment success rates. A consortium of five organizations is implementing the project, with ADPP as the lead. 

For the project, ADPP was looking for a digital health partner to lead the digitization efforts of the project. ADPP found this partner in Dimagi whose role on the consortium is to build, and support the launch of TB applications on DHIS2. Although Dimagi may be most well-known for CommCare, the Dimagi Solutions Delivery team has extensive experience deploying a variety of mHealth solutions for TB programs around the world and in Mozambique. With support of Dimagi’s digitization efforts of various components of the project, the TB Local Response project aims to bring overall TB response activities in Mozambique to a new level, increasing the reporting and success of identified TB and multidrug resistant TB cases, which will influence the development of a new national TB strategy.

Dimagi will be leveraging its expertise in designing and developing mobile solutions for the development of the DHIS2 system used by ADPP. Dimagi will develop DHIS2 aggregate data collection tools for entering of facility data, a DHIS2 tracker application used by community healthcare workers (called Activista’s in Mozambique) for the registration of patients in their DOT Program (Directly Observed Therapy), and a DHIS2 tracker application for motorbike riders for the tracking of sputum samples through their Sample Transport System. These applications will be rolled out to a planned 1,000 frontline health workers. The data collected through these various applications will be used to develop reports and dashboards that will provide valuable insights into programmatic areas for ADPP Management of the TB Local Response program. 

By developing the DHIS2 system for ADPP, Dimagi honors its commitment to prioritize impact and seek solutions that best fit the needs of the program. Leveraging DHIS2 for their program enables ADPP to align TB treatments on the ground with the Ministry of Health’s TB program, and improve early detections and treatment of TB cases across Mozambique.



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