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A Day in the Life of - Charles Aphrem, Project Analyst, India Division - Dimagi

Meet Charles Aphrem, a Project Analyst (PA) on Dimagi’s India Division Delivery team. He is based in New Delhi, India. With a career spanning the non-profit and CSR sectors, Charles brings a unique blend of skills and a passion for making a difference to his role at Dimagi. Join us as we delve into his journey and vision for the future. 

Can you share a little about your background and your path to Dimagi?

My journey into the social impact space started with volunteering at a local organization, helping with team-building activities, English lessons, etc. Curiosity piqued, I researched more to understand the space, the organizations in the space, and career possibilities. 

My professional journey started with landing roles in non-profits and then moving into CSR compliance, working on due diligence of global charities and on-ground implementation. I found Dimagi through a social media post. On researching more about the company, I was intrigued, and when I saw a role matching my qualifications, I applied. 

Everyone I interacted with during the recruitment process was transparent about what the organization and role bring and a pleasure to chat with. This transparency is what attracted me to Dimagi and holds true even today. 

What does a typical day in your role as a Project Analyst look like?

Most of my day revolves around designing and developing applications, coordinating with teammates, and liaising with stakeholders to understand project requirements and the client’s vision for the end product. I take on some project management responsibilities when rolling out the application. One of my other responsibilities is documenting the workflows and app design. 

While a PA doesn’t need to be as technically proficient as a Technical Project Analyst (TPA) on the team, a certain amount of technical skills is required since we all work on building applications on CommCare. A PA is more involved with stakeholder management, and having that skill is necessary, but there is quite a bit of overlap between the responsibilities of a PA and a TPA.

What skills are essential to succeed in your role?

Beyond practical skills such as application development, attention to detail, organizational and communication skills, I think a keen interest and passion for the social impact space is paramount. Understanding the mission is crucial for meaningful work and success at Dimagi.  

Second, technical acumen is essential, given the tech-focused nature of the organization. While not everyone on the team needs to be a technical pro, being able to adapt and learn new technologies like CommCare is vital.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

I am involved in some fantastic projects. One of them is a pilot project still in the initial stages, so it involves many iterations. Others are established initiatives. What excites and motivates me is knowing that our apps are changing lives and delivering essential services. Witnessing the tangible impact of our app on the ground is awe-inspiring. I cherish the opportunity to provide expertise and support our partners when challenges arise. 

What challenges have you encountered in your role?

Every project comes with its unique set of challenges. For me, initially, it was not from a core technical background. Learning the intricacies of CommCare and mastering technical aspects posed a learning curve. However, this challenge served as a catalyst to develop my technical skills and continued growth at DImagi.  

What excites you most about your journey with the India Division right now?

As I think about my journey at Dimagi and how I have grown, India Division’s growth and the diverse array of projects on the horizon are exciting. From nutrition initiatives to mental health projects, there’s always something new to learn. This constant growth and learning opportunity inspire me and make every day feel like an adventure rather than work.

What advice do you have for those looking to transition to the social impact space and join Dimagi’s delivery team?

Dimagi is a place where openness to learning and growing together as a team is encouraged. We welcome diverse skill sets and perspectives that help us creatively solve project challenges. For someone looking to transition into the social impact space, there are plenty of folk at Dimagi eager to guide and support newcomers on their journey to making a difference. 

How do you spend your free time outside of work?

I am an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Whether small hikes or wall climbing, I am up for the adventure.  

If you are considering a visit to India, the geography is widespread and caters to every traveler’s preference. Whether it’s the stunning beaches of Kerala (where I am from) or the breathtaking mountain ranges in Himachal or Uttarakhand, you are sure to find something enjoyable to explore.
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