Improve frontline productivity with
mobile device management.

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Track app usage over time

Monitor what apps your workforce uses and how much data is used.

Block unproductive apps

Choose which apps your mobile users can access, with remote sync and analysis.

Work offline

FocusMDM works offline, stores GPS and usage data locally, and then syncs the data when a device is back online.

Track GPS locations

Monitor your devices with GPS tracking and check-in on workforce productivity.

How FocusMDM Works

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Mobile App

FocusMDM is built for low-connectivity workforces.

The free version gives a user the ability to keep track of time and data usage on a device. The user is able to spot the apps that are high consumers and manage the time they are spending on apps.

Coupled with the web app, FocusMDM becomes a powerful workforce insight tool. Depending on an organization’s needs, various features are available that increase security and actionable insights across a large workforce of frontline devices.

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Web App

Gather insights on your devices and manage them from afar.

The web dashboard provides administrative access to your devices and offers a set of tools that enables you to manage them with ease. Organize devices into groups, enforce policies, keep track of device locations, usage, reports, notifications and much more.

Depending on the selected plan, you can have access to an array of powerful features. Check out our full list of features and available plans with our detailed pricing comparison.