CommCare for Equitable
Vaccine Delivery

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Facilitating Equitable Delivery

Delivering the COVID-19 vaccine is sure to be the most ambitious public health campaign ever attempted. Offer every group the support and guidance they need to ensure the equitable delivery of the vaccine – from frontline workers to program officers and, of course, the recipients themselves.

A Multi-Pronged Approach – In One

Dimagi is actively developing an open-source digital solution to track and support every recipient before, during, and after the vaccination process.

Vaccine Recipient Tracking

Offline-capable mobile apps with built-in algorithms and biometrics capabilities facilitate the screening process to ensure eligibility protocols are followed.

Community Outreach

Guide conversations with community members by offering guidance, educational content, and follow-ups for missed appointments.


A direct-to-client (D2C) messaging component guides vaccine recipients through each step of the process via SMS, WhatsApp, and more.


Real-time analytics will help monitor vaccine delivery, missed appointments, and lost-to-follow-up, while ensuring critical segments are vaccinated first.

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This demo video guides you through the stages of support that the solution offers, from screening and registration to dose delivery, and follow-up.

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An Ecosystem of Solutions

Bolster the core delivery solution with CommCare applications that help with facility readiness, health worker education, and community-based engagement. Integrations with existing digital components comprise a seamless solution:

  • Health worker registries

  • Routine immunization registries

  • Digital yellow cards

  • Health management information systems

A Collaborative Approach

Shared, Open Data Schema

Dimagi has teamed up with other digital global goods providers, including Medic Mobile and Ona, to develop a shared and open data model for COVID-19 vaccine delivery. By agreeing on a standard data shema now, we can harmonize efforts across platforms, allowing for easier interoperability and collaboration.

Global Goods Collaboration

Building on our partnership with Medic Mobile and Ona on shared designs, apps, and dashboards for COVID-19 response, we are working together again to design modules in support of community-level engagement to:

  • Address vaccine hesitancy

  • Register, screen, and mobilize community members to get vaccinated

  • Follow-up at the household level to ensure course completion

Other Solutions for COVID-19 Response

This vaccine delivery solution is just one component of Dimagi’s larger efforts to support COVID-19 response. Learn more about the rest of our efforts to contain the spread of the virus.