Certified Partners

Launch a CommCare project with
Dimagi-recommended partners.

Certified Partners

Dimagi Certified Partners are organizations in a global network of CommCare implementers. Certified partner organizations are recommended by Dimagi because they meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a proven history of successful CommCare project deployments
  • Employ at least three CommCare-certified staff
  • Show a commitment to continued learning about CommCare


Oikoi integrates scientific research, emerging technologies, capacity building, and storytelling to create impact in challenging environments. Oikoi was Dimagi's first certified partner, and since 2016 the company has developed CommCare apps for 37 teams, assisting or direcly managing surveys in over 460,000 households across 15 countries. Oikoi has trained 138 project staff and over 300 frontline workers in using CommCare—building capacity in more than 22 institutions in the Asia-Pacific.

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ANouKòd (means “We Code” in Haitian Creole) is a mission driven startup dedicated to creating technology jobs in Haiti. NouKòd provides training in programming and other technical skills, and then connects creative and talented Haitian youth with technology jobs from Haitian & US-based companies. NouKòd is committed to providing equal opportunity to Haitian women and our goal is to train and employ at least 50% women.

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