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Supporting Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response - Dimagi

Update: March 26 – Expanded Language Support

The FFX Contact Protocol app is now available in French, Portuguese, and Spanish

Update: March 19 – Template App Available

We have released our first template application for Contact Tracing using the WHO protocol. You can find the most up-to-date resources on our COVID-19 Response wiki.

It is important to prepare as quickly as possible for the growing outbreak expected in countries around the world. As health systems increase their response efforts, Community Health Workers and other Frontline Workers will play a crucial role in responding to the pandemic as well as supporting case reporting, surveillance, contact tracing, and community education. 

As Frontline Workers play an increasingly important role in COVID-19 response, we expect a rapid growing demand for digital platforms to support community-based COVID-19 response efforts. We’re already seeing governments build CommCare applications for COVID-19. In Ogun state in Nigeria, the global health technical firm InStrat Global Health Solutions rapidly deployed an application on behalf of the State Government.

To help meet this need,  Dimagi is giving pro bono subscriptions for our open source platform, CommCare, to all COVID-19 response applications through May 2021. To express interest in this, please submit your CommCare project’s information in this form.

There are many ways that CommCare can help strengthen community-based responses to COVID-19, including some that have proven effective for other outbreaks. For example, during the 2014-2015 Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in West Africa, Dimagi supported several organizations to deploy mobile applications on CommCare for numerous use cases. Through this experience, we saw a direct demonstration of the value of mobile applications for contact tracing, data collection, decision support, and information dissemination. A 2018 study that reviewed 58 specific mobile health tools used during the outbreak found that only two tools, including CommCare, supported all seven technical characteristics and the four key functionalities relevant to EVD outbreak response: surveillance, case management, contact tracing, and laboratory data management. 

Much has changed since 2015, including an increase in the number of countries who are using mobile technology as part of their health information management systems. As we are now faced with a very different kind of pandemic, we want to ensure that we are doing our best to support organizations and governments in preparing for and responding to COVID-19. 

The best time to develop digital solutions for COVID-19 response is before there is an outbreak. It will be increasingly difficult to test and deploy solutions as conditions worsen. We urge organizations to move quickly to equip their communities and community-based workers with the best tools possible for this emerging pandemic. 

Dimagi is frequently updating this comprehensive description of how CommCare can help with COVID-19 response. Please feel free to share with any organization that might benefit. If you have any questions, please email



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