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The CommCare Provider Program - Dimagi

Image Caption: Oikoi, a CommCare Provider in Australia, provides CommCare support and targeted program expertise to partners working in agriculture.

CommCare Providers deliver services to support our partners around the world in dozens of languages and across multiple programs and sectors. Because CommCare enables organizations anywhere to rapidly build custom applications, we have assembled a global community of vetted agencies that can provide targeted services to CommCare users wanting additional support. 

From Australia to Canada, our Providers provide support in any timezone and in dozens of language. They bring expertise in a broad range of programs and industries including agriculture, financial services, research, water, sanitation, and humanitarian response. Partners often have existing tools and technologies that need to work side-by-side with CommCare, so many of our Providers support complementary technologies such as integrations and analytics. 

How does the Provider Program work?

The CommCare Provider Program equips technology organizations with the tools and training to serve their communities and grow their businesses with CommCare. Providers design and deliver CommCare applications in geographies around the world. They also create additional value for countries by building visualization tools, developing integrations, improving support services, and tackling other solutions that go beyond the scope of Dimagi’s own work.

The Provider Program is designed to help Providers develop skills, expand their offerings, create employment and contribute to the technology ecosystem within low- and middle-income countries. Our goal is to help providers succeed and grow their own businesses and impact using CommCare, by providing a targeted program that includes both technology and business enablement.

For example, 

  • In Nigeria, CommCare Provider InStrat deployed a COVID-19 solution to respond to the pandemic. They were one of the first COVID-19 apps to be deployed, not just in Nigeria, but anywhere in the world. 
  • In Burkina Faso, CommCare Provider ILLIMITIS is supporting smallholder cotton farmers with CommCare, providing customized decision-making tools and integration with a reporting engine. They are currently expanding to Côte d’Ivoire.
  • In Turkey, IM SAF is using CommCare to support refugees and other victims of war and conflict. Raneem Safi, the founder, is herself a Syrian refugee and a software developer. She develops Arabic, Turkish, and English-language apps for humanitarian organizations to provide targeted, relevant services to communities in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • In Zambia, the country’s top innovation and entrepreneurship hub, BongoHive, is also a CommCare Provider and offers CommCare as part of its services to boost small and medium enterprises in Zambia. 
  • And In Uganda, GoodCitizen, a UNICEF spinoff, supports CommCare integrations with other digital health platforms such as DHIS2 and mTrac.

These organizations are developing their own momentum, bringing new compelling CommCare-based products to the market, and fostering a new generation of innovation.

Through the CommCare Provider program, Dimagi identifies and conducts due diligence on the most promising emerging organizations who have the power to transform their communities. Private, public, and non-profit technology organizations from low- and middle-income countries around the world are welcome to apply. Once selected, Dimagi supports providers through technical training and online learning programs, which provide a foundation in CommCare technologies. We also provide capacity-building in effective business analysis, requirements gathering, communication and documentation for the development of digital health solutions. Additionally, Dimagi supports the business development of our providers through the sharing of communication materials, program design support, and go-to-market advisory services.

If you would like to be connected with a CommCare Provider in a country where you work, or you’re interested in joining the program, reach out to us here.

To see a complete list of our existing Providers and get in touch with them, visit our CommCare Provider Directory.



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